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Estate Planning and Wealth Preservation


If you are planning on leaving assets to your family or others on death or wish to gift assets during your lifetime, there is a real risk that the value of these assets will be significantly reduced by Capital Acquisition Tax (CAT), in the form of inheritance or gift tax. We can provide the assistance to develop a plan in order to reduce this risk.

A significant transfer of wealth is on the horizon as Ireland’s population ages

Individuals are highly motivated to pass on wealth in the most tax-efficient manner possible, however many are not taking the necessary steps, by making a financial plan for inheritance.

Within families who have taken advice, only a minority have shared their inheritance plans with their children – despite children being considered overwhelmingly the most important intended beneficiaries.
When we address the Sucession planning issues in detail, we can help people talk more openly about it and, more importantly, plan their financial legacies more effectively.

The result is a detailed Plan that lays out a wide-ranging framework for understanding the complexities of inheritance, from managing assets and tax exposures to preparing the next generation to acquire wealth of their own.

Highlights include:
• Straightforward guidance on managing gift and inheritance taxes for major asset classes.
• Options for gifting while still living.
• How to pass on property in a tax-efficient manner.
• Ideas for tackling business succession and transferring business ownership


” I have been a client of Ian’s for many years, he has provided sound advice, has listened carefully to my requirements and concerns, and has ensured investments meet my needs. He is easy to work with and follows up quickly on requests. He provides a range of options and provides recommendations but leaves the final decision to his clients. “

” I have been working with Ian, with regards my Pension/Investment planning since 2013. He has been most professional and efficient in all of our dealings. I have been very impressed with his knowledge and expertise in all areas of Financial planning and his ability to build a strong working relationship. “

financial planning CASE STUDY

A couple came to me requesting specific advice on their pensions but also wanted to discuss other areas of financial planning. They both wanted to retire at age 60, but weren’t sure if this was realistic. They both had 9 years to age 60 and wanted to be sure that they had a specific plan in place around retiring at this point. We worked with them and developed the financial plan, to ensure the following:

  • They had the correct funding plan in place under their Pension Schemes
  • They had educational plans in place for their kids going to University
  • They understood what income they needed at retirement and that this would be sufficient to maintain their standard of living

They are now confident in knowing that they can retire at age 60, with their personalised financial plan in place.


    This is an opportunity to chat through your financial goals. I’m happy to listen and make some suggestions.

    If you like what you see and want to know more about what we can do for you, please contact me using the form here or by emailing info@amicis.ie.